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A n d   t h e   L i t t l e   O n e   S a i d...

Written and performed by Jess Love and directed by Stephen Burton, And The Little One Said combines high-level circus skills with pathos, humour and beauty to create a vision that is at once delicately touching, visually enchanting and heart-warmingly playful.

Through dark clowning, dirty acrobatics and surreal sideshow feats rich with slapstick, roller-skating, hula hoops, skipping and hopscotch acrobatics all fused together by crafted story telling and awe inspiring images, Love endears herself to the audience.

Beauty on a bed of roses and broken glass.

Inspiring images of intrigue and innocence.

An absurd intermission and satisfying circus.

It's so sweet you'll squeal.

“Lively and entertaining…seriously wacky…exciting…charismatic ★★★★   The Age

“Love’s show is a killer…jaw dropping”  John Bailey

“Hula hoop master and comedic genius”

“Delightfully quirky and gorgeously gruesome”


TECH SPECS: information on request

Notorious Strumpet & Dangerous Girl

Written and Performed by Jess Love

Directed by Dimitri Hatton

★★★★★- The Age “Savagely funny, fearless and genuinely uplifting show”

(original creative development Directed by Ursula Martinez and supported by The Australia Council)

Julia Mullins was a thief, a prostitute and a drunk. Jess Love is a carnie, a queer and likes a drink.

Get taken in by the self-supporting arms of this astounding Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Where twisted storytelling and spectacular circus skills are shaken and stirred, with one part dark comedy, one part serenity and three parts hostility, hilarity and honesty.

This anticipated new solo work by Jess Love (The Candy Butchers, La Soiree) plunges into the dark stuff, both the booze and the trail of mayhem it leaves in its wake. A strikingly truthful tale of one woman’s voyage to connect with her convict past.

Jess Love was brought up Christian in Brisbane, Australia. At 10 years old she secretly questioned her sexuality, her existence, her adoption status. She also got drunk for the first time.

Julia Mullins was bought up Catholic in Cork, Ireland. In 1826 she was caught stealing while prostituting herself and was sent to Australia as a convict. She is also the great, great, great, great grandmother of Jess Love.

At 30 years of age, this revelation informed the next three years of Jess’s life and represented a kinship within her genetic history that she’d never before felt. Furthermore it launched an on-again off-again admittance of powerlessness within a 12-step program.

Jess has interviewed, googled and searched her way from Shoreditch, London to Hobart, Tasmania. Questioning and investigating why we are who we are, where we come from and why is booze so deliciously moreish?!